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Jaye Milius is a lifelong nerd, dedicated overthinker, and occasional musician. She graduated from Loyola University New Orleans, earned her MBA from The University of New Orleans, and has spent the past decade in the wild world of number-crunching. Inspired by personal loss, chronic ill health, and a penchant for laughing into the abyss, Terminus will be her first published novel - whenever the hell it comes out. Jaye currently lives in Oregon with her beloved partner-in-weird and their three spoiled dogs.

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The Geek Embassy

READ. WRITE. WATCH. PLAY. GEEK. A collection of friendly neighborhood nerds, discussing pop culture and all things geek. Home of my Westworld reviews, among tons of other things.


A huge selection of royalty-free stock photos, with an artful twist. They've provided most of the gorgeous blog headers for this site.


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2018 Reads

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