A band of misfits journey across a fractured nation in the wake of the Second American Civil War.


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Twenty years after the Second American Civil War, East and West remain divided. Climate change has ravaged both sides and many of the outlying communities maintain a tenuous independence, their alliances shifting as resources grow increasingly scare. In the New Republic of America (NRA), conservative values rule a capitalist class system whose economy has become built on prolonging the war. California and the other progressive western states declared their independence, establishing a fledgling Federation that is still struggling to find its place on the world stage.

When an escaped NRA soldier crash-lands behind Federation lines, she reveals a personal message for the Governor from the son that she was forced to leave behind. His younger sister, Virginia, had been only an infant when her family fled the war, but her brother had been taken from them and the effect on her parents has cast a shadow over her entire life. The message is her chance to make things right – to finally see something of the wider world – and to save her brother from the traitor’s sentence that he has been serving in her parents’ stead. She sets off on an adventure across the fractured country – from the rural Northwest to the crowded co-ops of California, past the last bastion of Las Vegas and through the new Wild West of the Disputed Lands, sheltering with the rebuilt cities of the Gulf Coast and navigating up the Mississippi river to the new capitol that was built after the flooding of Washington D.C. Along the way, she amasses a merry band of misfits – the NRA soldier escaping gender persecution, an old pothead with ties to the revolution, and a devil-may-care cowboy trying to get back to the man he loves.

Status:  First draft in progress (this is the passion project that's bubbling under the surface while I finish editorial on Terminus)

The Characters

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Child of the West. Receives a dire warning from her long-lost brother.



Child of the East. Raised behind enemy lines, he has ingratiated himself to those in power.


Nora Casey

A soldier escaping gender persecution. Carries word of a devastating weapon.



Mother of the Revolution, out of hiding and seeking redemption.