Novels & Original Series

Releasing Soon

Terminus Cover Web.png


Genre:  Science Fiction

Status: In Editorial

in the works

Americana Cover Web.png


Genre: Family Drama, Dystopia, Love Letter to a broken Country

Status: In Progress

WKTIM Cover Web.png

Who Killed the Invincible Man? 

Genre: Superhero Parody

Status: In Progress

Slipstream Cover Web.png


Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi

Status: In Progress

There are never enough hours in the day to indulge all of the stories rattling around in my brain. These are only a few. There's some Feminist Horror taking shape, a half-written Young Adult series that wants to be dusted off, a roller coaster of a Post-Apocalyptic Culture Clash (also half-finished), piles and piles of Smutty Romance, and the first manuscript I ever finished - a Fantasy Adventure that either needs to be reworked or burned. 

Can I just write forever? Like it's my job? Ah, the dream...