What would become of the world if the dead never left us, if we could reach across the divide and communicate with those we’ve lost?


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Ten years ago, mankind conquered death. The result was the Terminus, a towering monument to the beyond, where a simple drop of blood can be used to call forth the departed soul of the summoner’s choosing. The world has rallied around this window between realms and the dead hold unprecedented influence, while the living sacrifice entire fortunes vying for their turn to peek across to the other side. New industries like “afterlife planning” and the celebrity blood trade flourish, while religions, scholarly organizations, and legal firms find new ways to utilize the technology for their own ends.

On the eve of the world’s first interdimensional rock concert – reuniting bandmates both living and dead – three troubled strangers face the reality of living in a world without death. The Terminus brings them together: a jaded afterlife planner, a Terminus engineer with a family secret, and a washed up rock star who always meant to die young. Bonded by the ennui of living in a world with one foot in the grave, they form strange friendships, hesitant romance, and ultimately make a choice that will change the world forever. For when the dead linger, can the living truly live?




Riley Kosic

Afterlife Planner. Overtaxed Empath.


Ben Ward

Tech Support. Daddy Issues.


Kirk “Sully” Sullivan

Should have burned out. Doomed to fade away.




Who would you bring back using the Terminus?
Completely unscientific survey. Answers will not be used for anything nefarious.